Team building while trekking in the mountains

In the midst of Europe’s magnificent mountains, we guide business leaders to enjoy unspoilt nature, camaraderie and a fysical challenge during a three-day trek from mountain cabin to mountain cabin. No smartphones, no iPads. Just each other. And nature.

Founder Jonathan Vandevoorde: “I take your management team away from the busy world below for a number of days to be in the midst of the most impressive mountain ranges of the Alps. We walk carrying our own backpacks and rest while enjoying each other’s company in authentic mountain cabins run by the Mountaineering Associations of the country we’re in. Each trek is tailor made to accommodate your level of physical fitness and wishes, even though we feature some standard hikes in our programme, exploring beautiful mountain ranges in Austria, the Italian Dolomites and Switzerland.”

“The principal aim is to ‘just hike’ and, doing so, clear our heads from everyday stress and stressful digital constraints. A couple of days of continuous  mild exercise on the nature trail will give each one of you a renewed perspective on things to come and on decisions to be made, and will help the team to find a common sense of belonging and purpose.”

“You will be amazed of the effect hiking in the rugged mountains will have on you and your team!”

Jonathan Vandevoorde
Certified project manager,
travel editor and photographer
mountain hiking guide
& founder of Mild Adventures


A typical late afternoon in the Austrian Alps: arriving at the alpine cabin, where the unique atmosphere of camaraderie will allow us to reload our batteries. (Pictured: Nürnberger Hütte in the Stubai Alps near Innsbruck, Tirol).

Being in the wild nature of the Alps together, sacrificing only e a minimum of elementary comfort, creates a unique bond and a sense of common purpose without the need for thrills and adrenaline rushes. Spending three days in the high mountains will change your perspective on how to make the right business decisions.

This page is only a very brief summary only of our vision on the benifits of hiking in the mountains for teams. Please contact us so we can tell you more about our Mild Adventures.